Lika Brutyan is a Los Angeles-based artist and photographer whose artistic journey has been shaped by her family's roots in both science and art. Born in 1975, she was raised to value creativity and the complex layers of human expression. After completing her Master's Degree in Psychology in 1996, Brutyan turned to photography as her primary means of expression, using the camera to capture moments of beauty, reflection, and the intricate details of human life.

Brutyan's passion for photography has been with her since her teenage years, leading her to incredible places and earning her international acclaim. Her work has been showcased in prestigious venues across the United States, France, Great Britain, Romania, and Italy. Additionally, her photography has been featured in renowned magazines and is part of the collections of art enthusiasts worldwide. Through her exhibitions, Brutyan captures the beauty of femininity, emphasizing the lines and shapes of the human body to reveal vulnerability and depth, encouraging viewers to contemplate their own journeys and stories.

In recent years, Brutyan has expanded her artistic scope to include sculpture, discovering a new passion for working with clay. This medium allows her to explore the tactile and physical aspects of art, resulting in sculptural pieces that are organic and expressive. Her sculptures often incorporate intricate textures and flowing forms, demonstrating the same meticulous attention to detail that characterizes her photography.

Selected Exhibitions

2023_ ImageNations, Paris

2019 - Sublimation at Voies Off Festival, Arles

2019 - Sublimation at Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milano

2018 - Photo Expo, Paris, France

2018- ImageNation , Paris, France

2018 - Museum of Art, Constanta, Romania

2016 - Doyle+ Design,  New York, NY

2016 - Griffin Museum of Photography, Massachusetts, USA

2016 - LightBox Photographic Gallery, Oregon, USA

2014 - Beverly Art Show, Beverly Hills, USA 1st place

2013 - VEX ARTS, Los Angeles, USA

2013 - SCOPE, New York, USA

2013 - Goddo Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2012 - Unit 24 Gallery, London, UK

2012 - Goddo Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011 - Goddo Gallery , Los Angeles, CA

2010 - Di 2 Studio, New York, NY

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